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sea & sand

Aloha from my apartment in Cambridge, where I’m finally writing this post on my family’s Hawaiian winter getaway. When my parents suggested this little vacation, I…


sparkle & sheer

Sparkly embellishments and mesh fabrics are things I usually shy away from when wandering around a store. They’re hard to pull off, and buying a sequined cardigan over…


gold & flounce

“Want to go on a whirlwind one-day trip to NYC and see Keira Knightley star in her first Broadway play?” How could one say no? My sister…


knit & leather

It’s December 13th. December. Time has been ticking away at an unsettling pace. Every store I enter comes with a heavy waft of Christmas tunes, and my…


suede & floral

Back in September I told myself I would keep an organized planner, eat less late-night pizza, and stop reaching for Nutella once the clock struck midnight.…


pleats & shine

With the holidays coming up, my eye has been drawn to shinier, more festive pieces. The silver ripple-like effect of this pleated Zara maxi skirt was irresistible.…


plaid & dumpling

My sister and I make the trip to Chinatown once in a while to have dim sum at the ever-packed China Pearl. Even though it’s a little…


tortoise-shell & snake-skin

The lace-up-flats wave hit the fashion world earlier this year, and I was swept off my feet. The original Aquazzura ones are gorgeous but are a whopping $675, so I…


mulberry & rhinoceros

It’s starting to get rapidly cold here in Cambridge. There are only a few crisp, golden days before the weather spirals into mind-chilling temps and 100-inch…