A neuroscience student with a fondness for fashion.

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orchid & burgundy

Pink is a strange color. In my middle school days, all the girls swore off bubblegum pink. But in the 19th century, pink was a…


chirp & bloom

The weather has topsy-turvied for weeks, but spring has officially arrived — days are longer, sunshine is clearer, flowers are peeking through, and I forgot how…


transition & ease

  Here comes March – filled with those in-between days when you want to start channelling spring into your look, but the weather isn’t quite…



When novelty knitwear brand PH5 invited me to their NYFW presentation, it was a blur of excitement, ticket-buying, outfit-selecting, and food-planning. After a 6-hour train ride,…


witchcraft & wintery

Witches are strong characters — beautiful yet terrifying, incredibly enchanting yet equally crazy. They come in wide-brimmed hats, flowing capes, pointy boots, and sometimes a…


charcoal & faux

This past week has been lovely — I reunited with family and witnessed my sister’s city hall wedding(!!!) in San Francisco. For being able to…


sleeves & cable

It has officially snowed in Boston! There is something very joyous about waking up to discover a sea of white outside your windows. But while it’s…


’tis the season

I could ramble on about how absolutely crazy it is that December is upon us. But with all the parties coming up? Ain’t nobody got…


the everyday bag

I’ve been using a Fjallraven backpack (which I still love) as my everyday bag for ages, but I’ve been searching for slightly dressier alternatives (because you…