cloud & neoprene

img_0601-2-1Some days I like to cozy up in an oversized sweater and skinny jeans and call it a day. Simple, easy, no fuss. But there are times when I like to be a little more adventurous, whether it’s adding a printed neck scarf or going all-out in a bold patterned jumpsuit. And it’s not really about making myself stand out, but more about how it makes me feel. Leaving my apartment in the morning in a boundary-defying ensemble (even if they are my very limited sartorial boundaries) creates a sense of confidence, and definitely impacts my day.

I recently discovered a brand called PH5, which prides itself in taking knitwear to the next level by adding wonderfully playful details — in this case, individually hand-stitched neoprene clouds. I had never seen anything like this dress before, and yes, it attracted quite a few stares, but wearing it puts a grin on my face like no other. The color palette and quality of the fabric prevent it from looking tacky, and the fit is very flattering.



I layered the dress over a black turtleneck so that the straps of the dress blend in, streamlining the silhouette. Topped the look off with burgundy ankle boots (my recent favorite — they go with everything!) and silver accents.






aritzia johannes sweater

ph5 aura cloud neoprene tank dress

topshop bella heeled boots

chanel boy bag

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photography by awjin ahn